Archive and backup

As more and more content and communications become digital, the need for organizations to keep copies is becoming the standard data retention requirement, which is growing at around 40% annually.


Why are Argo Technology East solutions ideal for archives and backups?


  • Rest API support to provide higher levels of storage automation for granular service levels and information lifecycle management processes
  • Storage platforms are designed to focus on low cost and long storage using low-cost drives without compromising reliability
  • Support for file and block access in a single solution with built-in compression technologies to expand capacities and increase economic efficiency
  • Proven file system on ba ie ZFS support and CIFS protocols, NFS, and iSCSI - a pledge of full compatibility with all operating systems


Whether it’s recording voice calls to comply with stricter rules for the provision of financial services, large numbers of emails or images for service users — the storage architecture should better meet the workload requirements of specific service providers.

Storage platforms should provide the ability to work with both structured and unstructured data with the flexibility to interact with an extensive array of file applications and potential block databases and exchange servers. With the need for longer storage periods, storage systems must be able to provide uploading to other media, such as film and even cloud archives.


Industry reputation

DFS technology has proven itself reliable and flexible enough to provide multi-petabyte storage pools that serve large corporate use cases for archiving and backup. Organizations value the ability to use high-performance merchandise storage technologies with the self-healing capabilities provided by RAIN to ensure continued data availability. The standards-based approach provides seamless integration with archive technologies, including tape libraries, as well as uploading to the cloud. Argo Technologie SA provides a set of standard REST APIs that allow you to implement the information life cycle and other automation tools that further increase the value of investments. Full details and reviews are available upon request.
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