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Cloud services

Demand for cloud services has led to the growth of market leaders such as Amazon and Microsoft and some others. Although the advantages of such a horizontally scalable model with payment parallel to growth are significant, the disadvantages include the relatively high cost of TB and low service flexibility.


Why Argo Technology East solutions are ideal for cloud service providers?


  • Flexible storage that integrates fully with virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, and open source equivalents without additional storage
  • ArgoEast has an open API compatible with industry-leading cloud coordination and management platforms for high automation
  • Built-in thin redundancy technologies, including dynamic cache and flexible use of SSD and NL-SAS drives to create a highly adapted cloud service
  • Uses industry standard hardware, protocols and interfaces, which provides full compatibility and upgradeability
  • Scalable from 10 Gb / s to 40 Gb / s and plans to support 100 Gb / s with more than 1 million IOPS to support even the most intense workloads
  • Supports flexible workloads, including uploads to AWS, S3 and Rest API for cross-cloud integration


Market space is emerging for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) offering more specialized services to demanding customers and vertical markets. The main building blocks of computing and storage, along with virtualization technologies, should have high flexibility, but be able to provide a clear cost according to the commercial requirements of the CSP.

In some cases, it is entirely acceptable that the CSP was an internal unit of a large enterprise that required a significant share of ownership of the internal cloud with respect to security, reliability, and fault tolerance. Accordingly, the storage platform should provide the ability to scale horizontally in terms of power and efficiency while supporting the basic controls needed for an environment serving multiple clients.


Industry reputation

Cloud and IaaS providers around the world take advantage of DFS technology as a way to support flexible services for multiple users. In such a highly competitive market, DFS offers a way to reserve and scale storage pools with the ability to adapt to price / performance constraints or to a service provider's decision. With a simple, non-restrictive licensing policy and full compatibility with all virtualization platforms, Argo Technologie SA helps service providers create storage architectures according to their specific requirements. Complete information and confirmations on successful projects are available upon request.
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