Large enterprises

The modern enterprise relies heavily on the critical IT underlying the transaction processes, related databases and other information management systems. For many, the need for superior performance has led to a shift to a fiber-based storage network and monolithic storage arrays.


Why Argo Technology East solutions are ideal for large enterprises?


  • Rest API support to provide storage tier automation for granular service delivery levels and information lifecycle management processes
  • Support high-performance file and block access applications with the highest efficiency from a single storage architecture with built-in compression technologies to further increase power and economic benefits
  • Scales from 10 Gb / s to 40 Gb / s and plans to support 100 Gb / s connections with more than 1 million IOPS to support the most intense workloads
  • Proven ZFS-based file system and CIFS, NFS and iSCSI protocol support offer full compatibility with all operating system environments


Since Ethernet is currently the most common network standard and there are technological advances that provide efficiency above the fiber channel - many large enterprises are switching to more cost-effective, Ethernet-based storage technology for petabyte-scalable cases.

For large enterprises with mixed workloads in the production and development environments, storage requires more flexibility with the ability to quickly provide in accordance with a rapidly developing business cycle. Monolithic arrays of the past are not suitable for a volatile world in which virtual servers and new cloud services must use a common core network infrastructure and data centers.


Industry reputation

More than a decade of technology DFS successfully applied by corporate clients all over the world. The ability to support a wide range of transfer protocols, along with the ability to work with files and blocks, makes the technology suitable for various uses in a standard corporate environment. Through the use of industry standard and brand technology, ArgoEast provides corporate customers with a single point of contact that can provide a truly integrated storage environment that meets the requirements of critical applications. Complete information and confirmations on successful projects are available upon request.
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