Media and entertainment

With the Internet revolution, user demands are growing and audiences are demanding more and more high-quality content. Accordingly, storage architectures must adapt to these requirements.


Why Argo Technology East solutions are ideal for the media and entertainment industry?


  • Unified storage architecture with the ability to configure for various scenarios, such as reading video with high efficiency and high throughput when playing or downloading to CDN
  • Using industry-standard hardware, protocols and interfaces to ensure full compatibility with production tools and software
  • Scales from 10 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s and plans to support 100 Gb/s connections with more than 1 million IOPS to support the most intensive workloads such as to VFX
  • Support for flexible workloads, including uploading to AWS, S3 and other cloud-based tasks of transcoding, rendering and content processing


At the beginning of the story of the emergence of content, developers struggled with a file process that went from standard quality to 4K video with high demands on storage capabilities and bandwidth. In distribution, the fierce competition of a new generation of video-on-demand services, such as Netflix and Hulu, puts pressure on broadcasters and pay-TV operators to reduce costs when creating storage architectures that can fit new drives, such as cloud DVR.

However, traditional storage architectures designed for corporate customers often fail to cope with the pressures of the media and entertainment sectors, and many technologies typical of the broadcast industry are often priced at a premium without the flexibility needed to adapt to a rapidly changing world that revolves around IP.


Industry reputation

For more than a decade, DFS has been successfully deployed by major pioneers in the media and entertainment sectors, including national broadcasters and Internet content providers. One example is Northern Europe’s largest broadcaster, using several petabytes of DFS-based storage to support the production process and play multiple TV channels, Internet broadcasts, and on-demand services. Full information and confirmations on this project and other examples in the media and entertainment sector are available upon request.
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