Biological sciences

After decoding the human genome, the future of many biological science projects requires access to powerful computing clusters and petabyte-scaled storage pools for clinical data and research data.


Why Argo Technology East solutions are ideal for biological sciences?


  • Unified storage architecture with the flexibility to provide high read and write performance for a wide range of research workloads
  • Use industry-standard hardware, protocols, and interfaces to ensure full compatibility with clinical systems such as MRI and large-scale analysis projects data using tools like Hadoop
  • Scalable from 10 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s and plans to support 100 Gb/s connections with more than 1 million IOPS to support multi-threaded projects
  • Supports flexible workloads, including uploading to AWS, S3 and other cloud big data analysis machines


Current tasks requiring large-scale data warehouses, such as DNA sequencing and MRI image analysis, can pave the way for the next generation of applications requiring even greater storage volumes, along with increased efficiency for new breakthroughs.

And for research, and for the clinical community, data storage should be able to adapt to a wide range of access schemes with the flexibility of easily assigning to different teams and departments. With limited IT resources, storage should provide complete reliability and ease of management, which will allow projects to scale up and down with minimal human intervention.


Industry reputation

Several major research projects use DFS storage technology to support scientific breakthroughs. The ability to create flexible storage pools suitable for a variety of uses, from high-performance to low-cost collective data warehouses, along with compatibility with data analysis platforms such as Hadoop, helps organizations provide more cost-effective storage environments. Full information and project approvals and other examples of biological sciences are available upon request.
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