Security and CCTV

The growth of video surveillance necessitates the storage of large volumes of digital video. In most cases, security-related video requires high performance, low recording latency, and low TB cost, including power consumption.


Why Argo Technology East Solutions are Ideal for Security Video?


  • Flexible configuration of recording and reading to ensure real-time video capture without fail
  • High availability with configurable backup levels to protect video security archives from data loss
  • Flexible implementation in one or several multi-site monitoring centers for business continuity planning
  • Direct camera recording using the NFS / CIFS standard for maximum flexibility
  • Use as a standard storage pool for compatibility with the lead video management systems from Milestone, Genetec, Verint, Axis, Wavestore, MOBOTIX and any other IP or ONVIF based system  


Video often has a longer shelf life, but with support for a granular and automated deletion or moving policy to distant archives after the set deadline.

As the video moves from a standard of 1 megapixel to 10 megapixels or more for for more advanced visual biometric applications, organizations in the industry are having problems providing storage architectures that can support a wide range of analytical systems, such as recognition of car registration plates with full compatibility with existing video devices IPv4 and IPv6 newer.


Industry reputation

The high-performance, low-latency Argo Ethernet Storage Fabric (AESF) connecting our storage shelves with our NAS devices provides multi-petabyte storage solutions for basic video surveillance services and video cameras, including nationwide road monitoring and usage schemes. Working closely with our regional partner, ArgoTech was recently selected for such a project based on its proven reliability and suitability for the required performance criteria and critical read / write access models. Full information and feedback on this project, as well as other examples in the field of video security are available on request.
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