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«Argo Technology East» launches AESF Network Storage Factory for Petabyte-Scalable Storage Solutions.
Perseus controllers and Argus disk enclosures form the basis for cost-effective and scalable storage


«Argo Technology East», innovator in the multi-petabyte storage industry, launches first pair of devices using its AESF network storage factory to provide petabyte-scalable storage solutions.

The AESF Network Storage Factory is capable of multi-petabyte scalability through a multi-threaded storage architecture. AESF uses the DFS protocol for interoperability, which is characterized by extremely low latency and low overhead. Using industry standard ZFS file system along with support for file and block protocols such as NFS, CIFS and iSCSI provides support for most file and block applications.

“Our AESF network storage factory was designed from the ground up to address the challenges of building large-scale storage solutions that require the power, efficiency and simplicity needed to achieve the highest levels of reliability,” says Argo Technologie's technical director.

“By developing our own AESF network storage factory and using the specifications of the existing industry standard DFS, along with ready-made hardware from our partners, our company gets the opportunity to provide a storage architecture that is extremely efficient from an economic point of view and support it by a dedicated international team.”

“At the moment, it’s clear that there is not enough technology in the storage industry,” says Yevgeny Kudinov, “in today's storage market, data storage needs are changing rapidly, so we created Argo Technology East to implement our technologies designed to meet these needs. We are a private company without financial investments from venture capital companies. We are focused on a certain niche, which is the most effective way to enter the market than the typical Silicon Valley startup approach”.

Newly released products include the Perseus controller, a network device designed to provide access to the AESF network storage factory with a flexible selection of SSDs, SAS drives, and various caching options. Perseus has built-in support for file and block protocols NFS / CIFS / iSCSI and the functionality of "high availability" due to the architecture of a redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN), which eliminates a single point of failure with automatic cluster recovery and self-healing technology. The new Argus is a scalable disk enclosure that connects to Perseus controllers through an AESF network storage factory that can be filled with up to 92 SSDs or SAS disks and connected to AEFS with two 10Gbps interfaces.

Solution Development

“At present, more than 200 petabytes of storage have been implemented in the largest companies in the world using DFS technology, and we support this trend by developing a solution that increases the technical benefits of the concept when structuring the company on a more solid foundation,” adds Yevgeny Kudinov.

Argo Technology East has partnered with Supermicro, Sandisk, and HPC as hardware partners for their new devices, and initially brought in 10 partners in Europe, Asia, and America to help bring the solution to the market. Key vertical markets include security videos, media and entertainment, life sciences, archives and backups, cloud service providers and large enterprises.




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