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All support requests (tickets) are submitted by a user registered in the system and having the appropriate rights.

To create a ticket, please follow the link in your browser.


 You need to log in to the system using your email address and password.

After entering user credentials, click the Login button.


 If authorization is successful, the main window of technical support and ticket creation system will open. The main frame of the window contains 5 main sections, marked with the appropriate icons and descriptions:

  • Your tickets - all tickets created by the user or (if the system is configured accordingly) by other users of the group to which the user belongs. By default, tickets are available for the last six months.
  • Pending approval - if workflows are set, this section will show the tickets that require your approval (the option is not implemented at the present time)
  • Report an incident – this is the main section for creating a new ticket.
  • Request a new service – here you may select a standard service from the service catalog. All services from this section must be prepared by the Administrator following the analysis of the most frequently repeated operations.
  • View solutions – here you may access the archive database on work with data storage systems, description of known problems and their solutions.

To create a new ticket, please click the Report an incident (Сообщить об инциденте) icon (alternatively, you can use the New ticket (Новая заявка) button in the top menu of the form).




Search for the ticket creator - the data of the current user are automatically entered. To submit a ticket on behalf of another user, enter his e-mail in the field "Search for the ticket creator".

Subject - a general description of the ticket, which allows it to be uniquely identified in the system.

Description - the most detailed description of the problem indicated in the "Subject" field. For example, you can put here a description of the conditions for the occurrence of the problem, part of the diagnostic output of the system and extracts from the log files content, as well as the commands that were executed before the error occurred, and any other information that may contribute to solving the problem.

Attach a file – here you can enclose any data that may help understand the causes of the problem and contribute to its solution.

The first 3 fields of the form are mandatory and marked with an asterisk (*).

After filling in all the required data, click the "Submit" (Отправить) button.


 The ticket has been created in the system. In the opening window you can see your ticket and its current status. Here you can also find the history of communication with a customer service employee concerning a specific ticket. You can also add your own comments to the ticket in the bottom field of the form by clicking the Reply (Ответить) button.

The ticket and its status will be added to the common list of all tickets created by a specific user or a group of users and will be available in the corresponding section of the service portal.



 In the nearest possible time, a customer service employee will contact the user for solving the described problem or clarifying the data.

Upon ticket execution, the user can close it himself by clicking the MARK THE TICKET AS CLOSED (ОТМЕТИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ КАК ЗАКРЫТУЮ) button, or write a message in the ticket asking for the ticket closure.


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